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Dont Miss The Next Magic Open House Learn To Play Day!

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Join us for the very first Magic Open House! This new event encourages casual fun for new players!  Featuring easy, league-style Standard play with a participation promo rewards.

The Magic Open House event is a great opportunity to learn Magic or teach a friend to play!

If you have never played Magic or have only played with friends then Magic Open House is for you! we will have free 30-card Welcome Decks to give to players. Have a great time while you play the Welcome Decks or bring a
Standard deck for our casual Standard play!

Players who participate in Magic Open House will get a Premium Foil Full-Art Amonkhet basic land!

For the Standard Casual Event you'll need: Your own Standard deck, which is a minimum of 60 cards.


*Images pictured are representative and are not necessarily the items you will receive. While supplies last. Quantity of promotional items and event space are limited.

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