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04/20/2018: Dominaria PreRelease - 2HG: MIDNIGHT

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Two-Headed Giant, Register Now!, 29 in-stock


Magic PreRelease – Dominaria  -

Friday @ 11:59:59 PM 2Headed Giant Sealed PreRelease Event $30 Win-A-Box
Saturday @ 1:00 PM Sealed Deck PreRelease Event $25 Skins Payout

Saturday, @ 5:00 PM Sealed Deck PreRelease Event $25 Win-A-Box
Sunday @ 3:00 PM CASUAL Sealed Event $20 Booster Payout

What Do I Get?

All players in the PreRelease events will receive a PreRelease Kit Containing 1 Date Stamped Promo Card, 1 Life Counter and 6 Booster Packs.

What Do I Do?

Players will have 45 minutes to build the best deck they can using cards found in their PreRelease Kit.
In 2HG teams build two 40 decks using the combine contents of 2 kits.
You can use all the cards including the PreRelease Foil Promo Card.

A deck may contain more than 4 copies of a card.

Decks must have a Minimum of forty cards
Dizzy's will have basic lands as you can borrow for your deck. Please return your borrowed lands at the end of the event


What's Next?

We will then have 3-4 rounds of NON-ELIMINATION Swiss play (# of Rounds depends on event attendance and type).
Each round will last approximately 50 min

Sealed Events are best 2 out of 3 matches. 2HG Event: is a single match game where each teams life total starts 40.


What Can I Win?

Standings after the final round will determine your total prize payout.
2HG: Players receive: 1 Booster for each round won during Swiss pairings. The undefeated team will split a booster box.
Skins & Win-A-Box Events: Players will receive: 1 Booster for each round won during the Swiss pairings.

Saturdays WIN-A-BOX Event: The top player wins a sealed booster box

CASUAL PLAYER Sealed Event: All players will receive 1 pack for participation.

ALL Prize payouts beyond 2 booster packs can be picked up after January 22!
All Prizes are awarded after the Swiss rounds have completed!

Get an Planeswalker Deck. Complete three games against other players & earn a FREE Booster Pack.


Help us grow the game and we will do the same! Bring a New Player to any PreRelease Event and get $10 Singles Credit!



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